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A process of homemaking udon noodles refered to some pictures and explanations
1.Mixing (mizumawashi) 2. Stomping (ashibumi)
Stir all purpose flour into the salt water 3 times
To form gluten,stomp dough together with outside of the foot
3.Releasing air (he so dashi) 4. Sleep (Nekashi)
Push out the air inside the dough Lay dough ball which air is released for more than 3 hours until ripen
5. Extending 1 (nobashi) 6. Extending 2
Press and extend the entire dough evenly with both hands Make the corner using the roiiing pin
7. Extending 3 8. Folding 1 (maki nobashi)
By adjusting the thickness of the dough,make one size larger square Rewinding the dough with rolling pin from 4 sides
9. Folding 2 10. Folding 3
Adjust the thickness of dough Wind and press dough with roIling pin to about thickness of about 3mm
11. Cutting (hocho giri) 12. Finish (seamen kansei)
Fotd the dough and cut with udon or soba knife in 3mm thickness Ready,after gently sweeplng off the flour